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Company Profile

Over the past 27 years, Creative Lighting has been a manufacturer and designer of lighting and control solutions. 

Our growing client list includes major lighting and control manufacturers, many of them household names, from around the world.

Contact details: 4 Pine Street North Ipswich QLD 4305 Tel +617 32828777 Fax + 61732828700

ABN 72 190 940 449 

Lighting Control

Creative Lighting is an Australian manufacturer of the Control Freak range of LED, AC and lighting control. And now Creative are going against the trend and moving more of its manufacturing to Australia. The ADDICTDIDIODALI 0-10V ConvertorsSLAMMO and UBi are all now Made In Australia.


The range encompasses multiple protocols : 

  • DALI
  • DMX512
  • RDM
  • DSI
  • RS2320-10V and
  • RS485

Products include

  • LED dimmers,
  • DALI tools,
  • DMX RDM tool,
  • DMX Splitter Repeaters,
  • sniffers,
  • translators,
  • scene control,
  • group control,
  • DALI power supplies,
  • DALI RGB sequencers,
  • DMX RGB sequencers,
  • DALI RGBW sequencers,
  • DMX RGBW sequencers
  • Fan controllers
  • Contactor controllers
  • Splitters



Agencies and Manufacturing

As well as being a manufacturer for our own control systems, equipment and tools, Creative Lighting is also an agent for many major brands of lighting and effects


Brands include:

  • OSRAM 
  • JEM 
  • LSC


Key Staff

Francisco150h Nicholas 150h Jack 150hdavid and michael RBH150                 

Lance S

As a lighting designer with more than 16 lighting awards (including Excellence), Lance Stewart understands the needs and aims of lighting designers and engineers. Lance leads a team of talented electronics  engineers, who constantly research and develop the Control Freak  range of robust user-friendly and versatile lighting control systems.

Lance is a past board member of both the A.A.T.T (Australian Association of Theatre Technicians) and PACT Theatre Co-op Ltd (Sydney). He has been a Lecturer in stage and creative lighting at Southbank Institute of Technology,  keynote speaker at national lighting conferences, thematic consultant to the  Australian Sports Commission, lighting consultant to Reef Casino Hotel Cairns, streetscape strategy and lighting consultant to Gold  Coast International Hotel, Brisbane City Council, Ipswich City Council, Redcliff City Council, Townsville City Council and many other organisations.

Lance's inventions include the Touch-Tell interactive for memorials and sound and light shows, lighting controllers, LED dimmers DALI distribution devices

Lance Stewart, MIES 

As a writer, Lance has had three of his theatre plays performed - The Game, 1982 for environmental theatre - PACT Sydney; Touched, 2012 - Ipswich Little Theatre; Limbus, 2013 -IntAct Players. His non-fiction works include permanent sound and light displays - the World War 2 Shrine of Memories Brisbane, The Crypt Brisbane, The Battle of the Coral Sea (with Emeritus Professor BJ Dalton), Australian war memorials and others. Other fictional works include Ngankin the Echidna (adapted from the Kuku Yalanji dreaming story) - for the Year Of Indigenous People's - Queensland Government and permanently installed since 1982 in Townsville.

As an actor, Lance has appeared in numerous stage productions including Wick in Wickedness ANU Footbridge Theatre Australia Festival 1975, Eros & Thanatos, Seymour Centre Sydney, Scenes from a Separation, Ipswich Little Theatre (ILT), A Game ILT, Impromptu ILT, Limbus IntAct Players. He played Dave in the ABC-BBC Miniseries The Emigrants. He has won best actor runner-up in the Norfolk Island Theatre Festival, best actor (male) at the Ipswich Little Theatre Festival and best actor (male drama) at the Act 1 Theatre Festival. 

Implementation of Remote Device Management (RDM)

An extension of the DMX512 protocol, devices that implement RDM allow for controllers to remotely control, configure and interrogate them using existing DMX512 connections. Creative Lighting were one of the first RDM manufacturers in the world to achieve a perfect score on a series of 235 RDM tests, with the SLAMMO LED controllers (XC1, SLAMMO V3.4 and SLAMMO-P)

Various Creative Lighting products have already been upgraded to handle this new RDM protocol:

ADDICT - Basic configuration of RDM devices has been implemented into the latest version of the ADDICT (v1.08 + later).
SLAMMO XC-1 - Using RDM, any options that required changing dipswitchs on the PCB can now be selected remotely, as well as additional advanced options.
SLAMMO V3 and V3 P - Using RDM, any options that required changing dipswitchs on the PCB can now be selected remotely, as well as additional advanced options.




Creative Lighting have been actively reducing our own energy consumption and have completed the installation of energy efficient lighting, control, energy monitoring, daylighting and solar power generation. Creative Lighting is a net energy generator.

Products we design and make

There are only two international standards for lighting control that are open protocol digital control standards.

Commercial lighting control and building automation uses the DALI protocol. The entertainment industry uses DMX512. Creative Lighting's team of engineers design a range of lighting control solutions that are both DALI and DMX512 compliant.

Creative Lighting is also a registered DMX512 RDM manufacturer. 

For more information on our products, use the menu at the right of the screen. 


Product range

International Lighting control standards & protocols supported by our products:

  • DALI
  • DMX512
  • DMX512-RDM
  • RC5 INFRARED remote control
  • DSI
  • DMX512 to DALI
  • RS232 Serial to DALI serial communications interface
  • RS232 Serial to DMX512 interface

Control Freak products we make

    • DALI LED dimmers
    • DALI SC - Scene controllers with digital triggers and SCI
    • DALI Scene and PAINT by Group or Address controllers 
    • DALI PS - Line power supplies
    • DALI GC - Group controllers with digital triggers and SCI
    • DALI sequencers including bespoke
    • DALI RGB Sequencers including patented PAINT system
    • DALI RGBW Sequencers including patented PAINT system 
    • DALI HID control
    • DALI fan control
    • DALI relay/contactor control
    • DALI sniffers, commissioning tools, test tools, wireless RF
    • DALI connect/disconnect, test and power
    • DALI to 1-10V translators
    • INFRARED remote control options
    • DSI lighting control
    • DMX512 LED dimmers
    • DMX512 sequencers including bespoke
    • DMX512 RGB Sequencers including patented PAINT system
    • DMX512 RGBW Sequencers including patented PAINT system
    • DMX512 sniffers, test Tools
    • RDM-enabled LED dimmers
    • RDM-enabled tools 
    • custom lighting control solutions

Other brands - products we represent/stock  

    • Martin Jem Smoke Machines & fluids, special effects and luminaires
    • Theatrelight theatre desks and racks
    • Clipsal by Schneider Electric
    • Gerard Lighting products
    • CABAC - IP68 cable glands
    • Takex sensors
    • Osram, Tridonic, Philips lamps and LED products